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Just Cremate Me provides an extensive range of Urns, Keepsakes and Jewellery available to purchase. Our supplier is another locallly owned Family Business.

Urns, Keepsakes & Jewellery

Below is a link to a catalogue of hundreds of beautiful Urns, Keepsakes, Scatter Tubes and Memorial Jewellery to choose from...


These urns come from a local supplier in Brisbane and we receive them with in 48 hours of being ordered.

Our prices include collecting the ashes from the crematorium and interring the ashes into the selected memorial item.


Courier Fee is included, otherwise, Personal Delivery of the ashes can be arranged at an additional cost.

You are welcome to come and collect the ashes from our 'Environmentally Friendly' office and mortuary

and see where we cared for your loved one... Appointments are required.

If you wish to provide your own urn, we will also happily put the ashes into your chosen receptacle for you.

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