Frequently Asked Questions

Does the coffin get cremated?

Yes.  All coffins get cremated with the body.

Our environmentally friendly coffin is a basic cardboard box suitable for cremation purposes only.

If another coffin has been purchased , it too will be cremated.  If that coffin has been fitted with handles and/ or other hardware, all accessories will also be cremated

Where does the cremation take place?

Our preferred crematorium is Great Southern Crematorium at Mt Cotton.

This crematorium is part of the Invocare Group


How long before I can collect the ashes?

The ashes are normally available within 72 hours after the cremation occurs.  

If convenient, we can arrange for you to collect the ashes from an Invocare crematorium  that is closer to you

Please allow additional time after cremation if the ashes are being transferred between crematoriums .

Appointments will need to be arranged directly with your nominated collection site.

Does this include an Urn?

The crematorium provide the ashes in a suitable plastic receptacle which is appropriate for the scattering or burying of ashes.

The crematorium can also provide a wide range of Urns for purchase if you wish to display the ashes.


Can I pay the cost off over time?

We are willing to discuss time payments, however additional administration fees will be incurred.

How Can I Pay?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or by credit card (via PayPal).

Can I see my deceased family member?

Yes.  A family viewing at our 'environmentally friendly' facility at Stapylton is included with this package.

If a viewing is required outside of our Stapylton Facility, this is possible however additional costs will be incurred.

Does it cost extra to have a viewing?

Not if the viewing is held at our Stapylton facility during business hours.  After hours viewings can be arranged however additional fees may be applicable.


How do I make arrangements?

Cremation arrangements are made via phone, email or at our Stapylton facility, however bookings are essential.

What happens when someone dies?

If the death occurs in a public hospital (or a similar facility that has suitable holding facilities), the deceased will be moved to that holding facility until the medical cause of death certificate has been completed by the doctor.  Once that certificate has been completed, the deceased will be available for collection by your nominated funeral service.

What happens if someone dies outside of business hours or in a location that does not have appropriate holding facilities?

If the death occurs in a residence, nursing home or hospital that does not have appropriate holding facilities, we will need to engage an 'immediate care' transfer facility to care for the deceased.


Unfortunately, this does incur additional fees.


What happens if there are valuables or jewellery with the deceased?

All jewellery is to be documented and returned to the family, unless specifically requested otherwise.  This can be done in person or via registered mail.

How long before I get an official Death Certificate?

An official Death Certificate issued by Births Deaths and Marriage can take up to 2 weeks to be issued. 

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