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Read our Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with our services.

Terms & Conditions

Cremation Arrangements - All Cremation Arrangements are to be completed via Webform, Phone, Email or at our Stapylton location (by appointment only).  If you require a staff member to attend your location to complete the necessary paperwork, additional fees may be applicable.  The person completing the cremation arrangements must provide suitable identification.

An Unattended Cremation or A Funeral Service - Our unattended cremations are exactly as the name states, unattended.  If you or your family decide that you would actually like to have a funeral, we are more than happy to discuss your memorial requirements,  however additional fees for any 'funeral service' should be anticipated. 

Viewings (at our Stapylton location) - All viewings included with the 'Just Cremate Me' package are to be held at our 'Environmentally Friendly' facility located at Stapylton.  Viewings will not take place in a coffin, unless specifically requested by the family.  In such instance, the family will be required to purchase a coffin that is suitable for viewing purposes

Viewings (at other locations) - Any viewings that are to take place outside of our Stapylton facility will incur additional fees.  Such Viewings will also require the family to purchase a coffin that is suitable for viewing purposes.

Viewing Times - Viewings times that are included with our service are available between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  After hours and weekend viewing times are available by arrangement however a surcharge may be applicable.

Our 'Environmentally Friendly' Coffin - Our 'Environmentally Friendly' coffin is a cardboard box that is suitable for cremation purposes only.  This option may not be suitable for all clients.  If a different coffin is required, additional charges will be applicable.

A coffin other than our 'Environmentally Friendly' Coffin - If you would like to purchase a different coffin from what we are offering, this is possible.  We are more than happy to provide you with a range of options to suit your needs.  Prices vary depending on your personal choices.

Oversized Coffins - Unfortunately, not everyone is going to fit into our 'Environmentally Friendly' coffin option.  In this situation, we may need to consider a bigger, stronger cremation vessel for your deceased family member.  In this event, additional costs will be incurred.

The Cremation - In order to keep our prices low, we need to use a crematorium of our choosing.  The Crematoriums that we use are all located in South East Queensland.

Other Crematoriums - If you would like a cremation to take place at a specific Crematorium in South East Queensland, this can be arranged however additional costs may be applicable, depending on the location.

The Ashes - Cremated Remains are available for collection 48 hours after the cremation has occurred and once payment of our invoice has been received.

The Collection Times - An appointment for the collection of ashes is necessary in every circumstance.

Ashes Collection from Just Cremate Me - Cremated remains can be made available for collection by you (or your nominated person) from our 'Environmentally Friendly' office and mortuary in Stapylton. If you wish to provide your own urn, we will also happily inter the ashes into your chosen receptacle while you wait (subject to availability).

Alternative Ashes Transport - Cremated remains can be transported back to you (or your nominated person) by Australia Post, Courier and/or by other arrangement.  Please contact Just Cremate Me to discuss your specific needs...

Just Cremate Me is not responsible for the delayed delivery, missing or damaged items incurred by using external delivery services. 

Payment of Invoice - Payment of the invoice is to be made with in 7 days of the invoice being issued. 

Payment Options - Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit or Credit Card (via our PayPal account)

Overdue Invoices - Overdue invoices will incur a $150 Administration Fee.  Should the invoice remain outstanding for a further 7 days, an additional Administration Fee of $150 will be added to the invoice.  The outstanding account will then immediately be handed to our debt collection representatives for processing.  All fees incurred as a result the debt collection process will be added to the invoice total that is outstanding, due and payable

Transport of Deceased (Included) - Included with this package is the transport of a deceased client to our Stapylton Facility, from a public hospital located in the Redcliffe, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich area.  Other facilities that have appropriate holding facilities may be included in this description, however such a facility is subject to the approval of Just Cremate Me.  All deceased transports included with this package are to be undertaken during normal business hours.

Transport of Deceased (Immediate or After Hours Needs) - The transport of deceased from 'at need' facilities such as hospitals (without holding facilities), nursing homes, family homes etc are not included with this service however can be arranged.  Additional fees will be incurred for 'at need' and immediate transfers.

Death Registration - Just Cremate Me will register the death with Births Death & Marriages, Queensland.  All Death Registration is to be provided (in writing) by the appropriate person who is arranging the cremation.  Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information provided by the family is correct, Just Cremate Me will not be responsible for incorrect and/or inaccurate information that has been provided by the family (or nominated person) or the deceased.

Official Death Certificate- Just Cremate Me will arrange for one (1) official Death Certificate to be issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages, Queensland. This certificate will be sent directly to the nominated person.  In the event that additional certificates are required, these certificates may be purchased directly from Births, Deaths & Marriages, Queensland.

Flowers - Flowers are not included with this package however the family are more than welcome to bring any of their own flowers to the viewing. 

Other Items Not Included


Memorial Stationary

DVD Presentations or Slideshows

Hearse Hire

Urns and Jewellery

All Terms and Conditions
Are Subject to Change Without Notice
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